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[finished] Tuesday, October 15 "advantageous ticket to dissolve COMS" in sale day

Because of "advantageous ticket to dissolve COMS" in favorable reception, it increases sale set numbers to 600 sets of limitation!
In addition, you came to be able to purchase to three sets per person!
I would like the use of advantageous ticket to dissolve COMS in from now on.

[sale date] It becomes the end up to - sellout at 11:00 on Tuesday, October 15.

[sales price] 1,000 yen

[sale place] B2F event open space

[the number of the sale] 600 sets of limitation

Ticket for 1,200 yen to be available in COMS GARDEN for 1,000 yen
It releases for a limited number.
※The purchase should be sale only for cash to three sets for 1 other people



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