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[finished] From Friday, December 21 to 23rd (Sunday/Holiday) com Christmas fair 2018 holding!

This season came over this year!
In COMS GARDEN, it is com until from Friday, December 21 to December 23 (Sunday/Holiday)
We hold Christmas fair 2018!
About the details of fair, we are as follows.
Illuminations are set up until from Wednesday, December 5 to Tuesday, December 25 by Christmas
As is doing, by all means in Instagram!

[com Christmas fair 2018]
☆Christmas lottery
 Date and time from Friday, December 21 to 23rd (Sunday/Holiday) every day 12:00-22:00
 Place COMS GARDEN B2 open space
 In store use receipt 2,000 yen share in COMS GARDEN during contents period once,
    Gullah can participate in lottery pop.
 Total prize A prizes three people
    Panasonic eamassajareggurifure
    Dyson handy bag type cyclone type vacuum cleaner
    DeLonghi oil heater
    Total B prizes ten people
    Princess table grill mini is pure
    Panasonic hair dryer nano care nano E
    Toy drone
    FUJIFILM check
    Total C prizes 20 people
    Catalogue gift
    OMRON cushion massager
    Total D prizes 50 people
    For com use ticket 3,000 yen
    Total E prizes 150 people
    For com use ticket 1,000 yen
    Total F prizes 300 people
    For com use ticket 500 yen
 ※Prize becomes first-come-first-served basis.

☆Christmas gospel live
 Date and time December 23 (Sunday/Holiday) 17:00-20:00
 Appearance Daito musical instrument "Yamaha GOSPEL CHOIR" "Naniwa ♡WEEKEND"
    Gospel Choir ki @ human note
    cucumber choir @ human note 
     The Faith Mass Choir

☆Christmas illuminations
 Period from Wednesday, December 5 to 25th Tuesday
    Snow dome type illuminations reflecting the image of snow and glass



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