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Tuesday, December 11 flower present [mini cyclamen]

"Flower present"
In December, it is Tuesday for 11 days.
On the day it is use receipt and exchange of store in COMS GARDEN,
We present seasonal flower to the first 1,000 people.
(12:00 - first arrival 700 people, 17:00 - first arrival 300 people)
※Flower should be one limit per person.

Flower of December is mini cyclamen.
"Mini cyclamen"
 Cyclamen which is called Queen of winter flower bowl.
  Anthesis is long, too, from Christmas to New Year holidays
  He/she attaches gorgeous color.
 Color: Pink, red, white, purple
 Course name: Primulaceae
 Classification: Perennial plant
※Image is image.

Please use COMS GARDEN at this opportunity.