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[finished] We smirk on Sunday for from Friday, March 16 to 18th and hold reduction festival very much!

March is birth month of COMS GARDEN!
Customer who has you favor with thanks in business for 28 years,
We hold great reduction festival smirking unintentionally.
About the details of event, we are as follows.

"Great reduction festival to smirk"
Date Friday, March 16, 17th Saturday, 18th Sunday ※Three days
Holding time from 12:00 to 22:00
Receipt of the use during each held contents COMS GARDEN store, period
     It is lottery Gara every (tax-included adding up possibility) for 2,000 yen pop once
     We can participate in this.
It is COMS GARDEN store use ticket 15 people for premium first class 28,000 yen
     It is COMS GARDEN store use ticket 100 people for the second class 2,800 yen
     3 presents without COMS GARDEN store use ticket leak for 280 yen
Please use COMS GARDEN at this opportunity.
※It is said that expiration date of use ticket is until April 30, 2018.     ,