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Monday, October 16 PISOLA (Italian) OPEN

In Monday, October 16 COMS GARDEN B2 floor "PISOLA" (Italian)
But, we did OPEN!
In BGM where the shop reflecting the image of dining of resort hotel is refreshing
Space of healing that services that we heard of mind overflow.
Fresh pasta featuring noodles of motchimochi to stock from noodle making place of business partner, 16 grain
Menu mainly on real risotto which blended this all 100 kinds or more.
We use bal by alcohol bar all-you-can-drink at lunch set, night when it is advantageous at noon
All customers can use this in various scenes.

"PISOLA" (Italian)
Hours 11:00-22:30 
Phone number 06-6232-8755
82 seats of number of the seats
Lunchtime non-smoking
Dinnertime smoking permitted



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