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[finished] From Saturday, October 21 to 31st Tuesday "finding Halloween" holding

In COMS GARDEN 11 days until from Saturday, October 21 to 31st Tuesday, "finding Halloween"
We hold this.
We find out ghost scattered in hall, and let's get prize with luxurious prize in answer to quiz!
About the details of event, we are as follows.

[period] From Saturday, October 21 to 31st Tuesday 11 days

[event contents] When use tax-included 500 yen or more at store in COMS GARDEN, application paper
        We present. "C" decorated in hall "O" "M" "S" "G"
        We find out ghost with the alphabet of "A" "R" "D" "E" "N",
        Have fill in application paper with number written to stomach of ghost, number of the total
        Finally write; and to application box! We present luxurious prize by lot.

[application box setting place] The B1 floor SAIZERIYA store side
          The escalator side in front of B2 floor MISTER DONUT

[prize] Bag of rice (approximately 5 kg) 20 people of A course Niigata Shirane with Koshihikari    
      B course BRUNO compact hot plate 20 people
      C course Panasonic headoraiyaioniti EH-NE69 20 people
      D course Fuji firumuchieki instax mini8+ 20 people
     "Prize for double chance" COMS GARDEN use ticket (for 500 yen) 500 people
     ※Prize may be changed without notice.
     ※We get announcement of elected candidate with shipment of prize.