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[finished] Saturday, September 30 Sunday, October 1 "Shaka Shaka digging open space" holding 

On Saturday, September 30, COMS GARDEN B2 open space transforms itself into Shaka Shaka digging open space for two days on Sunday, October 1. While exposing a certain sand to flowing water in wooden wall, Shaka Shaka ♪ How is digging experience to do, and to find out jewel and fossil? The details of event are as follows.

★Shaka Shaka digging open space★
[the date]  Saturday, September 30, Sunday, October 1
[holding time] Every day from 11:00 to 16:30
[participation condition] Once per person can participate in (we can add up) more than COMS GARDEN store use receipt 500 yen during the event period mentioned above.

※It is called off in case of rain.