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[finished] Sunday, May 21 Kyobashi music festival 2017

"Kyobashi music festival 2017"
Sunday, May 21 from 11:00 to 19:35
※Rainy weather decisive action
Venue Kyoubasshi COMS GARDEN
   Ion Kyobashi store center plaza
   Eight ion Kyobashi store street
   Kyobashi east mall

People concerned with music in town called Kyobashi match power,
Aiming at further activation of the whole town, measure, indies
Kyobashi music festival that was born while this did not matter and loved music
It is held this year!
Approximately 50 sets of artists are going to appear in 4 venues.
Come by all means.
As for the timetable of appearance Aristrist, please see attached PDF.

About the details, look at HP of the following Kyobashi music festival executive committee