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YEBISU BEER Kyobashi baruebisubia-kyobashibaru /B2F

Western dishes and beer

We prepare delicious liquor including western dishes and Yebisu Beer including retisserie chicken.

We offer dishes greatest in "YEBISUBEER Kyobashi bal" which was particular about Yebisu Beer and draft beer of the highest quality. In addition, beer and retisserie chicken one excellent at affinity just roasted. Become more attractive with taste of meat, and several kinds of spice and herb are juicy.


From 11:00 to 23:00 (foods 22:00 drink 22:30)
Phone number

Only as for the dinner, it is smoking permitted



Grilled chicken one 1,580 yen (tax-excluded) of circle chicken

It is fragrant and is juicy! "Grilled chicken of circle chicken"
Specialty of our restaurant to see zukekomi to spice & herb, and to bake at exclusive gurira 180 degrees Celsius overnight for 50 minutes♪
Because we bake low temperature deji - kkuri not to put a burden on the body…The outside is juicy during crunch-crunch★
Serve in three people - four people;, too! It is recommended to taste in two people well!


Yebisu Beer

It is raw with three kinds of Yebisu…Competition for drink that we made ze;zei for is special privilege of "adult".
Please pay attention to glass shape to deepen each taste.
Yebisu Beer 540 yen (tax-excluded)
Amber Ebisu 580 yen (tax-excluded)
Ebisu Meister 620 yen (tax-excluded)


Melty cheese parcel iron plate hamburg 980 yen (tax-excluded)

In taste that western dishes and Yebisu enhance…♪ mariaju of supreme bliss.


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