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Dried bean curds and tofu

We used dried bean curds and tofu, seasonal ingredients abundantly
In space that is comfortable with original Japanese-style Kaiseki.

Shop of dried bean curds and tofu appropriate for spending a time with important person. We provide original Kaiseki opening up state newly of Japanese dishes while putting seasonal seasonal ingredients together to base with Japanese traditional ingredients.
UMENOHANA Kyobashi store is open in from 11:00 to 22:00 (21:00 order stop).
As you are open, please take advantage of from 14:00 to 17:00.


11 00~22 00 (last order 21:00):
Phone number

Last order:
Lunch 16:00 Dinner 21:00
The number of the seats: 120 seats (non-smoking)

Lunch 3,000 yen Dinner 4,000 yen



Information for UMENOHANA New Year holidays seasonal festival

shukuju of UMENOHANA pride
[two steps of (four portions) length 21.5* side 21.5* 14.5cm in height]
24,840 yen (tax-included)
●Stewed abalone
●Grilled scallop Japanese pepper
●Bamboo grass wheat gluten steamed bun (rouge)
●Bamboo grass wheat gluten steamed bun (white)
●Kumquat with leaf
●Tilling a paddy field
●Dried bean curds winding of conger eel and vegetables
●We cool down red and white
●Black soybean
●Stewed prawns
●Stewed octopus
●UME carrot
●Small pieces of rice-cake put on twigs decoration
●Rolled omelet with citron
●Herring roe Matsumaezuke style
●Dried bean curds winding kamaboko
●Ampo persimmon
●Sound of boiling water in a teakettle grill of three-color bean
●Awa tail chicken Yawata winding
●Lotus root
●Bamboo shoot (bamboo shoot)
●Japanese butterbur (wipe)
●Yellowtail Saikyoyaki
●Seared edible burdock
●Salmon sea tangle roll
●UME carrot
※Specifically, please refer to store.
※We do with (January 1) until New Year's Day in expiry date.
 Storage would like cold storage (10 degrees Celsius or less) required.
※Decoration is not included in product for New Year holidays.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. A content of dish may be changed.
※Price is all tax-included price.
※One step of celebration ju handy becomes only store handing over.


"Advantageous course where "mame* which boiled over which boiled over" with full of isoflavone entered

Autumn beautiful woman - space beautiful woman -3240 yen (tax-included)
※Weekdays lunch limitation (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
※We accept than two people
[course contents]
●Kurumiae of garland chrysanthemum and shimeji
●Dish simmered in autumn Japanese sunflower
●Specialty tofu siomai
●Parched beans wealth seasonal bean jam to play
●Uncooked Japanese bread-like food dengaku
●Dried bean curds deep frying
●Pork Kakuni grilled with Hoba
●Dried bean curds soup
●Takikomi gohan of matsutake mushroom
●Pickled vegetables


[autumn Thanksgiving Day] UMENOHANA "pole" normal price 5,400 yen → 4,400 yen (tax-included)

※Weekdays lunch limitation
※It is excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
[course contents]
◆Mineoka tofu
◆Dish simmered in dried bean curds
◆Boiled greens with dressing
◆Crab siomai
◆We get
◆Dish cooked at the table
◆Uncooked Japanese bread-like food dengaku
◆Dried bean curds deep frying
◆Choice Japanese black beef roast Yogan-yaki or Saikyoyaki of fish
◆Dried bean curds soup
◆Seasonal meal thing
◆Pickled vegetables
※We accept than two people.
※These contents may be changed by the stocking situation.
 Thank you for your understanding beforehand.



Manager Tsutomu Ando
For meeting of lunch that lunch is slightly deluxe. At night for reception. From private room to large hall, you can spend a time to be heartwarming in space that matched request of visitor. Please use on special day including wedding anniversary. All the employees wait.


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