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Coco is recommended if we make girls-only gathering!

Shop search name Category
Private room dining PRIVATE ROOM DINING ORION / PRIVATE ROOM DINING ORION Private room dining
You can enjoy private space at seat of all seat perfection private room types.
Seasonal fish and local sake 鱻 (boil) / shungyotojizakesen Fish dishes
Delicious fish and good liquor office worker support shop
SHIROKUJITYU / SHIROKUJITYU Japanese dishes, ohitsugohan
Various tomo materials can enjoy with Aizu product Koshihikari, specially made white soup stock three times.
UMENOHANA / UMENOHANA Dried bean curds and tofu
We used dried bean curds and tofu, seasonal ingredients abundantly
In space that is comfortable with original Japanese-style Kaiseki.
ROMA eaves / ROMA-KEN Shop of Wine and meat
+30 totally new "meat dishes" share 500 yen "Wine all-you-can-drink"
Sound COMS GARDEN shop / hakatahinonemizunonekomuzugadenten of Onzui of Hakata fire Japanese dishes bar
Please appreciate grilled straw excellent at a feeling of sizzle by all means! Affinity with liquor is outstanding, too! A lot of Hakata noted products to send with confidence!
YEBISU BEER Kyobashi bal / ebisubia-kyobashibaru Western dishes and beer
We prepare delicious liquor including western dishes and Yebisu Beer including retisserie chicken.