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Whole Wi-Fi/Wi-MAX WHITY passage opening!

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Saturday, October 12 "MISTER DONUT" renewal OPEN
Sorry to have kept you waiting! "MISTER DONUT" did renewal OPEN on Saturday, October 12! Popular item basic in shop which became new...

About from Tuesday, October 29 to 31st Thursday "COMS Halloween lottery" & "face paint experience meeting" holding
We hold "COMS Halloween lottery" in COMS GARDEN for three days of Thursday for from Tuesday, October 29 to 31st. Delicious autumn taste and much-talked-about theater...

Sunday, October 27 Kyoubasshi COMS GARDEN Flea live concert Vol.48
Kyoubasshi COMS GARDEN-free live Vol.48 Sunday, October 27 12:00-15:25 Appearance: Kana Nishimura/Risa Hirano/Naoko ...

Tuesday, October 15 "advantageous ticket to dissolve COMS" in sale day
Because of "advantageous ticket to dissolve COMS" in favorable reception, it increases sale set numbers to 600 sets of limitation! In addition, can purchase to three sets per person...

We return up to 5% by cashless [PISOLA]
It is returned 5% when expected to pay using the kyashuresu settlement such as credit card, electronic money at the following target store! ※Store moarima which becomes 2% reduction partly...

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